"If You Can Copy A Video
Then You Too Can Run Successful 
Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Groups 

Get Instant Access To A Simple, Proven Framework Of 8 Themed Sessions + 8 Proven Hypnosis Scripts  
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"Yes these are the SAME Proven 8 Weight Loss Sessions That I & My Students Have Used To Run Successful Weight Hypnotherapy Groups + For One To One Clients!"

Value £997 - Today For Just £197

From John Mill
Surrey London

Dear Friend,

My name is John Mill, and I'm here today because I want to give you something that I call "How To Run A Successful Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Group Including One To Ones".

This is my framework and my course for how to become one of the most successful & known therapists in your area.

But before I give you access to this programme, I wanted to tell you the backstory about how it was created...

This is NOT something that I just made up one day and hoped that it would work, I spent OVER 10 years testing and perfecting this for you!
This is what happened...
12 years ago at the age of 44 I qualified as a hypnotherapist after years of searching for my purpose. This was finally my dream job and I loved it so much but in the beginning I struggled to get clients.
It felt like my college took my course money and said "Goodbye!"
So I decided to run a weight loss group. I seemed to be attracting people for weight issues and felt fairly confident with helping them so I advertised in my local paper...
I was nervous... but I was pretty sure I knew how to help people lose weight. And then the phone started to ring!

The people who rang seemed particularly interested in the 'Lose Weight Without Dieting' premise and the idea that I could 'retrain the brain with hypnotherapy'.

And...  8 people signed up for my 8 week course  and I looked forward to my big day! I rented a room in a local centre, I even made little manuals (which were completely unnecessary!) and set all the chairs up.

And on Wednesday at 7pm I sat waiting...  

And then the worst thing happened!

3 people cancelled and only 5 showed up but then the week after...

Only 4 ladies were left and I started to worry that they all might leave but I kept going and I took these 4 ladies through the whole 8 weeks and they actually started to lose significant amounts of weight!

So I got excited and I started to learn the best ways to advertise my groups, bring in more clients and I began to decide and tweak what sessions worked really well and what ones were just awful.

I called it 'Trial & Terror'!

And I started to advertise everywhere!
I called it prostituting myself because I was selling ME!
And then slowly but surely the groups began to grow and grow and grow but most of all there was a HUGE BONUS
I hadn't expected...

My one to one clients grew too because everyone was talking about me!

Then The Local Newspaper Rang Me!

One of my clients had lost 11 stone (70 kilos) and he had told a reporter all about it!

They were calling me a MENTALIST

I mean I felt like I'd gone a bit crazy trying all my techniques out and planning out session after session for my groups but I needed success, I wanted success!
So when they came in to take my photos...  
I felt like a bit of a star to be honest.

And so the groups continued, I went from running groups of 12 people to groups of 24 and at this time I was charging only £10 per person.
Nowadays you would charge at least £20

Back then, I worked the money out like this...

2o people sign up for the group

Session 1 - £200
Session 2 - £200
Session 3 - £200
Maybe after 3 sessions 3 people drop out
Sessions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 - £170

10 people decide to do the Gastric Band One to One @ £50
+ £500

Total Money Taken Over 8 Weeks = £1950 
(For One 90 Minute Session Per Week)

BUT I WAS DOING 3 GROUPS PER WEEK and now you can charge double that!

I even had group members becoming poster girls They loved how they felt and I loved the way I felt contributing to their lives IT WAS A WIN WIN!

And I Was Still Crafting The 8 Themed, Proven Sessions

I was working 19 hours a day, writing my own weight loss hypnotherapy scripts to go with the programme, learning the newest, cutting edge techniques to help my clients melt that fat away...

You see, running a group with so many different characters and dynamics at play can be challenging but imagine being able to learn it without having to go through all I did...

That's why I've made such an easy step by step process FOR YOU!

The first draft of my framework looked a bit like this...

Each time I followed my framework, clients lost weight, group clients AND one to one clients so I kept tweaking it, honing and crafting the 8 sessions until they worked flawlessly. 

AND it is ready for YOU!

You Get All 8 Sessions Filmed Live Over 2 Days

Plus 8 Recap Sessions To Watch Before Groups

Plus Advanced Facebook Marketing

I will talk you step by step through the creation of your laser focussed weight group targeting advert.

This is exactly the Facebook advertising I use AND this is the same targeting that got you reading this so I am going to be completely TRANSPARENT with you.

I wasted so much money over the years on FB so you won't have to PLUS I will be giving you all my other SECRETS on how to advertise locally for free!
In addition to that you also get 'How To Run A Successful Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Group' e-book, you also get 'Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Scripts' e-book AND Advertising Flyer & Postcard Templates editable in Word!
So you are invited to sit at the best seat in our college...
And I will cover every aspect of weight management without dieting using some incredible strategies and tools that you can use in groups and with one to one clients
Not only will you will learn some incredible tools and techniques, I will teach you how to utilise:
Neuro Linguistic Programming,
Hypnosis, Suggestion
AND Conversational Hypnosis just like a certain Derren Brown might do!

But Before I Could Teach This Weekend...

I had to do EXACTLY what I did with my groups!

I started small because I had to work out the best possible way to teach this weekend in a fun, informative way using what I like to call 'EDUTAINMENT', and at the end I gave attendees feedback forms...
And so our college courses GREW and GREW too!

I SO WISH someone would have done all the hard work for me in the beginning but I truly believe that I was the first hypnotherapist to run weight management hypnotherapy groups.

And so for you, I've done it for you...
I took the phone calls when people cancelled and thought "How can I change this?"
I worked out how many attendees I could have in each group, managing time for weighing people, strategies, clients sharing stories and hypnosis and it was always 24 and you'll understand why.

I wrote the hypnosis scripts utilising the incredible language of trance including suggestions (direct, indirect, embedded, post hypnotic, paradoxical, open ended),  taq questions, ambiguity, rehearsal, metaphors, binds, double binds and more...

You name it, I put it in there!

If You Can Copy A Video, Then You Too Can Run A 
Successful Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Group!

YES JOHN! Give Me Instant Access To The 'How To Run A Successful Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Group' Training 
RIGHT NOW For Just £197

Instant Access To The Whole Weekend Training
Instant Access To The 8 Recap Sessions
Instant Access To Advanced Facebook Marketing
Instant Access To Advertising Templates
Instant Access To Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Scripts

But Don't Take My Word For It...

Lyanne came to our weekend and completely embraced the whole programme, she advertised her first and very quickly started a second and then just as it happened with me I watched on her Facebook page as she placed group after group after group under her events.

But Then How Did The Clients Do?

Steve wanted to lose weight to lead a longer, healthier life. He wanted to be able to eat little and often and the hypnotherapy helped him enjoy his food more while eating less.  Incredibly he lost 6 stone (38 kilos) in just over a year. Everyone around him saw the amazing changes in his body and how relaxed he was!
Lynne wanted to reach her goal weight of 11 stone 6 lbs. She lost 1 stone 6lbs (9 kilos) in 5 months.
She had never enjoyed dieting due to feeling deprived and she found herself yo-yo dieting throughout her life. This particular video was shot in 2015, she has still maintained the weight loss!
Vivian did the group and found she hadn't lost much in the first 8 weeks until she had the virtual gastric band then... she lost 4 stone 6lbs (9 kilos) in just under 6 months.
She became our poster girl in our advertising and people began ringing her up commenting how amazing she looked! 
Michelle came to our group very apprehensively. She had a very critical inner voice and was quite harsh on herself. She lost 2 stone (13 kilos) but the biggest thing for her was not just how good she looked...
Session 3 had helped her turn that critical voice off and learn to love herself.
Nicola came to see me as a one to one client, I used the same techniques from the 8 sessions and she lost 6 stone (38 kilos) in the first 6 months. She later hit the 8 stone mark! (51 kilos)

Look at her graph and see how fast she flew!

Can You Imagine How It Feels To Achieve Consistent Results?

You see I've always said "Results don't lie and results are your best advert" and it's true because when you help your clients lose weight you have a walking, talking advert because everyone is asking them "How did you do that? You look fantastic!"
And more often than not they tell people all about you and then you have free advertising because of the amount of referrals coming in.

YES JOHN! Give Me Instant Access To The 'How To Run A Successful Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Group' Training 
RIGHT NOW For Just £197

Instant Access To The Whole Weekend Training
Instant Access To The 8 Recap Sessions
Instant Access To Advanced Facebook Marketing
Instant Access To Advertising Templates
Instant Access To Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Scripts
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